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21. august 2023 - Announcement

Considering the increasing number of complaints from new owners of puppies bred by Jana and Lukáš Čertík (now Jana and Simír Henych, kennels Farma štěkot, Forever Dream) addressed to our club due to unissued pedigrees, sale of sick puppies, not returning deposits for unborn puppies, misleading advertising, sale of puppies without pedigrees etc. the Club of Pyrenean Breeds (KPP) declares that they have nothing to do with these breeders and that they are completely distant from any of their activities. Jana Čertíková has been excluded from the club in the past. We recommend to those involved to submit a complaint to the breeding club (KCHMPP, Moloss club CZ), then directly to ČMKU. KPP Committee

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14. january 2015 - New web page design

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